Four years ago, I found myself working full-time, caring for four of my younger siblings, and packing up and driving four hours one-way every Friday to spend the weekend at the hospital with my grandmother who was recovering from a stroke in North Carolina. I wanted to be there for her as best as I could residing four hours away and my mother desperately needed a break from staying all week. Less than a month later, my grandmother suffered another stroke and a heart attack, spent one week on a ventilator and passed on August 2, 2015. My grandmother’s hospitalization was the most overwhelming time of my life. I wanted to escape everything and everyone and just be there for her, but the reality was that I couldn’t. I still had responsibilities. It was then that I understood why my grandmother had made the sacrifices she had made as a caregiver for over twenty years professionally. It was then that I understood why my mom always felt she had to be there for her clients when I was a child. They needed her. Their families needed her, if nothing else but for emotional support. It was also then that I finally realized just how important the role of a caregiver is and that’s the difference Patience for Patients Homecare brings to its clients.

-Whitney L. Brooks, Co-Founder

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